Retuning my Ears

Interview with Singer/Songwriter Pete Morton! Pete talks with Jonathan Roper about his interest in languages, including those other than his native English, and how this influences his songs.

A Loss of Contrast

Interview with Matt Bauer from the Illinois Institute of Technology on Wisconsin English mergers.

Or No?

Comedian Rob Brackenridge talks with us about the particulars of Wisconsin Englishes and why it plays well outside of the state.

Sounds Signifying Something, Part A

In this podcast Tom Purnell and Joe Salmons talk about how some consonants (b, d, g, z type sounds) in Wisconsin and surrounding areas sound like their closest neighbor (p, t, k, s type sounds). You can see the spectrograms and waveforms of bat and bad which are discussed in the podcast.


A continuation of our discussion with Joan Houston Hall and Luanne von Schneidemesser on their work with the Dictionary of American Regional English. In this podcast they discuss the famous ‘bubbler’ example and what they call ‘oncers,’ words for which they only have one citation.

Look it Up!

Joan Houston Hall and Luanne von Schneidemesser from the Dictionary of American Regional English discuss the dictionary and words particular to Wisconsin.

Uff da!

We continue our discussion of “sense of place” and Wisconsin by talking with folklore expert Professor Jim Leary.

Yah Hey!

Lou & Peter Berryman stop by to talk about English spoken in Wisconsin. They play renditions of “Squirrelly Valley Two Step” and “Da Biggest Cow.” The discussion covers how language reflects a sense of place.